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September 2018 Newsletter

Don’t worry, there will still be GIFs

With September’s newsletter comes the beginning of my official monthly “blog” .. which basically just means that I’m now putting my content on my website in addition to e-mailing it out to subscribers. This is all in attempt to reach more people & allow for easier sharing. Understood?!

The Power of No

The lack of a newsletter last month was because a lot of my efforts these days have been a bit more behind-the-scenes and consequently, there hasn’t been much to talk about. Following a very busy start of summer, I decided to exercise the power of “no” a bit & really crack down on 2 goals in my life that needed my full attention if they were to come to fruition the way I intended them to. I ended up cancelling several gigs I had lined up for the summer, I kept my social schedule as light as is possible in busy NYC, & I did my best to stay focused. Saying no to things can be a challenging habit to develop but I’ve found that prioritizing in this way has helped me reduce the stress that comes with feeling overbooked & allows for me to live more consciously towards my goals.

Book recommendation: “The Power of No” by James & Claudia Altucher.

“Love Life”

One of my 2 main areas of focus this summer has been the development of my Life Coaching business, “Love Life.” It’s going well! Thanks to my Now This Entertainment interview, which is now at 2 million views (!?), I had a nice batch of client inquiries to kick off my business with. I’m grateful for this & though my client intake has been a gradual accumulation, I’m honestly so happy with the starting pace of my time in this field because it’s allowed me to really focus on being the best Life Coach I can be for my very 1st clients.

That said, I am ready & eager to take on new clients as we head into the Fall. If you or anyone you know are looking to partner up to achieve goals, raise accountability, or just get through the craziness of life without losing your authentic self in the mix, let’s talk! We don’t have to do it alone. For reviews & testimonials, check out the “Love for Brian” page on my website.

Elephant Journal was kind enough to include me as a guest author this week! In my latest piece, I talk about The Deterioration of My Self-Esteem as an LGBTQ youth and why Life Coaching might be a good option for those in the community as they progress from a state of living in shame to a state of living as their authentic selves.

Stage Two

My 2nd area of focus this summer & most exciting for me has been on my 1st ever studio album. Announced last week, Stage Two will drop November 2nd & will be available digitally everywhere. To celebrate this exciting step for Brian Falduto & Friends, we are having a BIG party on October 8th at The Cutting Room. The evening will feature fellow LGBT music artist Motteo & NY-based a capella group Hudson Sound; plus a full album-inclusive set list from .. ME! The lead single, “Rainy Day,” will drop at midnight following the party. We want to sell ‘dis thang out so make sure you RSVP on FB & get your tickets in advance for $5 off!

This album has already been a dream come true. Getting to see my songs & my stories come to life in a real country music album in a real recording studio & with really talented people on board … I’ve been waiting for this experience for as long as I can remember. I’m proud of myself for not waiting any longer & diving in, ready or not. I think too often we don’t do things we are passionate about out of fear of failure. I cannot wait for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on.

Summer & Chill 

Other than the above, I’ve just been doing my best to squeeze in some enjoyment out of summer; most of which has consisted of me getting used to my new digs & my lovely new roommates on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I’ve been seeing friends, staying active, writing, & keeping up my mindfulness practices, something I consider to be very important in a chaotic city like New York. So far I’ve reached the following conclusions about my new neighborhood ..

Favorite Workout Spot: The Fhitting Room

Favorite Juice Spot: Cool Fresh Juice Bar

Favorite Restaurant: Mexican Festival

Favorite Place To Walk: Riverside Park

Favorite Yoga Spot: Yoga To The People

Favorite Fro-Yo: 16 Handles

Favorite Grocery Store: Whole Foods UWS

What Else?

A few more updates …

I signed with a new PR firm, EMPKT PR, specializing in clients who want to make an impact. They will be working with me to continually promote my business & my album.

A highlight of my summer has been my weekly acting classes at the Anthony Meindl Actor’s Workshop. I’m currently working on a content piece about my experience at the studios so I won’t elaborate too much here but I did want to link Anthony’s podcast. He’s one of the most inspirational men I’ve ever been in the same room as & I highly recommend checking him out. If you’re an actor, I guarantee it will impact your work. If you’re a person, I guarantee it will impact your life.

One Last Thing …

For the 4th year in a row, I am walking in the Team Hope Walk to support the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. If you’re wondering why such a specific cause is so important to me, you need not look further than this beautifully written article by one of my best friends, Emily Rekstis. If you have the time, please take a moment to make any contribution you can via my donor page. As the article says, actual progress is being made through research and I know I speak on behalf of my entire NYC family when I say that any help for this community would be massively appreciated.

Side note – Brian Falduto & Friends will be providing live music at the walk for our 2nd year in a row! Come check out the fun set list we have planned!  #TeamFred

Thank you for your continued love & support.

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#loveyourself #loveoneanother #lovelife


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#loveyourself #loveoneanother #lovelife