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End of Year Newsletter, 2018

2018 was an exciting year for me!

I’m proud of this past year & all the personal development it brought. 

It was the year I grew to love myself. Mantras like “I am enough” & “I don’t need to prove anything to anyone” started working their way into my truth this year. I improved my relationship with myself this year & I’m happy I get to authentically say that.

Some other highlights of the year .. 

stepped out of my comfort zone by switching coasts for the first part of the year.

I started & am running Love Life, a small but steady Life Coaching business geared towards LGBT clients working to overcome the shame of growing up closeted so that they can live full, confident, & content lives.

I released a pop-country studio album titled Stage Twoa wonderful collaboration with friends & musicians thatfeatures all original songs that I wrote. And in doing so, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine.

Stage Two Updates

My 1st ever studio album got it’s radio debut with Stoop Radio plus a glowing review from LA Music Critic! I was also nominated for a Pure M Music Award!


I’m so grateful for all the press surrounding the project & I encourage you to check it out on my website. There’s tons of articles & interviews to choose from such as publications like Hornet,Young Entertainment Magazine, & The Daily Country. If you feel so inclined, please share so that we can continue to get the word out! 

“Love Life” Updates

I’m currently running a promo on my Life Coaching services for the New Year; your 1st 4 sessions 1/2 off! Loving yourself is a choice & maintaining that relationship with yourself is a full-time commitment. Let’s figure out what that looks like for you!

My recent partnerships with Half the Story & The Trevor Project this past month have been great reminders to me on how important these vulnerable & honest connections are. 

I am available to anyone who is ready to discuss.

Since my last Newsletter … 

I crossed off some fun bucket list items before wrapping up the year! I tried Kickboxing for the first time & I even attempted Nude Yoga! (It’s not as crazy as it sounds, I honestly recommend it!)

After the craziness of releasing my album died down a bit, I returned to AMAW to resume acting class; always a fulfilling learning experience. 

I finally got into The Good Place & my roommates forced me to watch The Haunting of Hill House. To be fair, I also forced them to watch Survivor. Netflix kept me pretty occupied during the holiday season with Dumplin’Bird Box, & of course, Ellen’s comedy special Relatable.

My most listened to music this year was pretty predictable: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Kacey Musgraves .. but Matt Alber snuck his way onto the list this year as did The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Lately, I’ve been very into the band Castro. I highly recommend their debut EP. 

What’s next?!

The “One-On-One” Cellar Sessions at City Winery

Today is a very exciting day because I am launching my exclusive City Winery music videos featuring my newest song, “Alright.” Filming these live sessions with the talented Michael Benjamin Bunin, Kelsey Martin, Austin Deyo, & Lily Desmond was such a great experience & I’m eager to share the outcome. The lyrics to my new song are different than those I’ve written in the past & a strong step in the direction I’d like to take my writing in the future.

The New Year’s (Eve) Eve Show & Goodbye Party

Come celebrate the past year with a free show at Rockwood Music Hall! Join me & my friends as we count down my top 10 favorite moments in music from 2018. Then come party at the cute dive bar nearby & say goodbye before I fly west for winter!

It’s true!

I’m headed back to LA for a few months & I’ve already got a couple projects lined up including a Life Coaching apprenticeship & a fun web series I get to be a part of called Fishing. Plus lots of songwriting, collaborations, a show or 2, & plenty of hiking & people to see. 


PS – I’m selling my car if anyone local wants it! 

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My first ever studio album Stage Two is out now!

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#loveyourself #loveoneanother #lovelife