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5 Surprising Things I Learned By Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

May 30, 2018
Brian Falduto

“There’s more to all of us than I think we realize.”

Brian Falduto —best known for his iconic line, “You’re tacky and I hate you” in the film School of Rock — is all grown up, and sharing his personal creative and coming out journey to empower young LGBTQ people. Through, his newly launched and International Coach Federation-certified endeavor, called Love Life, he hopes to work with LGBTQ teens to help them work through trauma, access their creativity, and live as their most authentic selves.

When you’re called to make drastic changes in your life, it can be overwhelming for anyone. Breaking out of your comfort zone is scary but necessary to grow. As an actor and singer, even I struggle with breaking out of my comfort zone and taking the steps necessary to grow and become who I want to be. Most recently, a major change for me was moving out of my small East Coast town to West Hollywood.


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#loveyourself #loveoneanother #lovelife

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